June, 2021 was very busy we took part in conference in Shandong province and expo in Shanghai.

We we were representing several Latvia brands and producers includion our agency Baltic China Connected at Shandong, China International E-commerce Industrial Development Conference on June 24. 

A town in Shangdong province, Caoxian, is well developed in the e-commerce, both domestic e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce. Many Taobao (Alibaba) villages are running successfully in that area.

Conference was very succesful to learn about international e- commerce in China, get to know new opportunities and expand our partner network in international e-commerce field.

Second was Belt&Road Expo, Shanghai June 25-27. The same Latvian companies were represented there. Main visitors were chambers of commerce, associations, distributors, agents, importers, supermarkets, department stores and many more others. Our main concentration was on Latvia brand promotion in China.

The ambassador of the Latvia Embassy in China, Ms. Maija Manika, showed up in Shanghai exhibition center to introduce Latvian products in front of media.