The membership fees for the Baltic China Connected is structured based on different tiers, each offering varying benefits and services. 

Basic Membership. This entry-level tier provides essential benefits for businesses looking to establish a presence within the chamber. Annual Fee: 300Eur

  • Access to the chamber’s online platform and member directory.
  • Invitation to networking events and seminars.
  • Basic market research reports on the Chinese market.
  • General assistance in supplier identification and product sourcing.
  • Basic trade documentation support.
  • General guidance on import/export procedures.

Standard Membership (Includes all Basic Membership services, plus).This tier offers additional advantages and services beyond the basic level, providing more comprehensive support to members. Annual Fee: 1000Eur

  • Enhanced market research reports and industry analysis.
  • Priority access and discounted rates for networking events, seminars, and workshops
  • Advanced supplier identification and product sourcing support.
  • Expanded assistance in negotiation and contract support.
  • Comprehensive trade documentation support, including export documentation.
  • Access to a wider network of industry experts and business partners.

Premium Membership (Includes all Standard Membership services, plus). This top-tier membership level provides the most extensive range of benefits, exclusive access to high-level networking events, and personalized assistance. Annual Fee: 3000Eur

  • Customized market research reports and tailored market entry strategies.
  • Exclusive access to high-level networking events and executive forums.
  • Personalized supplier identification and product sourcing assistance.
  • Intensive negotiation and contract support, including legal consultations.
  • Full-service trade documentation support and compliance guidance.
  • Dedicated account manager for personalized support and consultation.
  • Trainings and business mentoring

Private Membership for individuals. Anuall Fee: 200Eur 

  • Networking Events: Exclusive networking events to connect with professionals.
  • Business Seminars, Workshops and training.
  • Basic market research reports on the Chinese market.
  • Advisory Services: Personalized guidance on business challenges.
  • Cultural Exchange Programs: Immersive experiences to understand Chinese culture.
  • Member Discounts and Benefits: Special offers from partner organizations.
  • Online Community: Platform for private members to connect and collaborate.

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