Are you machinery or equipment producer in Europe? Togather with our partner “SUMEC Touch World” a global equipment trading service platform founded by Chinese company SUMEC International Technology Co. Ltd. we are offering to become our partner and expand your activities in China.

More about SUMEC Touch World: A Platform for Machines and Equipment

“SUMEC Touch World” is a global equipment trading service platform founded by SUMEC International Technology Co. Ltd. Relying on the company’s strong mechanical and electrical products import and export supply chain service capabilities, the platform actively practices digital transformation and innovation, and builds an online business for advanced equipment manufacturers, purchasers, logistics partners and financial service institutions at home and abroad with channel interoperability and resource sharing Ecosystem to help users obtain information accurately, quickly and efficiently, and achieve cooperation to achieve business innovation and development.

The platform integrates and gathers many resources, organically combines online functions with offline services, and can provide corporate users with a four-in-one full-process equipment procurement business solution of “resource supply, business consultation, financial support and logistics service”.

It ensures convenient and efficient zero-distance communication with users by offering them online service functions for equipment selection, real-time consultation, demand submission and cooperation project management, etc.

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