I had great opportunity to visit and learn about Hainan business opportunities for 3 weeks and I returned few days ago with new insights, inspiration and future collaboration ideas.

In recent years, China has emerged as a global economic powerhouse, and its rapid development has led to numerous opportunities for international collaboration. Latvia, a European country with a thriving business landscape, can find lucrative prospects by partnering with Chinese enterprises in Hainan Province and the Hainan Free Trade Zone (Hainan FTZ).

Hainan Province is a Gateway to China’s Booming Economy.

Hainan Province, often referred to as China’s “Hawaii,” is a tropical paradise located in the southern part of the country. In recent years, Hainan has undergone a significant transformation, evolving from a tourist destination into a global trade and economic hub offering free visa for 59 countries including Latvia. This transformation was fueled by the establishment of the Hainan Free Trade Zone, which aims to promote trade liberalization, investment facilitation, and a more open business environment.

Strategic Location and Infrastructure: Hainan’s geographical location and world-class infrastructure make it an ideal gateway for Latvian businesses to access the vast Chinese market. The province’s well-developed ports, airports, and logistics networks provide seamless connectivity for international trade.
Issues is that there is no direct flights from/to Latvia or any EU, it is necessary to have China visa cause of that is not possible to enjoy free visa policies. As well issue is that international business cards are not accepted and as well it is impossible to withdraw money from ATM.

Tourism and Hospitality: Hainan’s flourishing tourism sector offers opportunities for collaboration in areas such as hospitality management, resort development, and cultural exchange. Latvian expertise in sustainable tourism and cultural preservation could align well with Hainan’s efforts to create a globally appealing tourism industry.

Agriculture and Food Trade: Latvia’s robust agricultural sector can synergize with Hainan’s focus on agricultural innovation and high-quality food production. Collaboration could involve the exchange of agricultural technologies, organic farming practices, and food supply chain optimization.

Renewable Energy and Environmental Solutions: Latvia’s expertise in renewable energy and environmental sustainability could complement Hainan’s commitment to clean energy development and ecological preservation. Joint projects could involve solar energy installations, waste management solutions, and green technology initiatives.

Collaborative Opportunities in Haikou and Sanya

Haikou – The Business Epicenter: As Hainan’s capital and economic center, Haikou offers a dynamic platform for Latvian businesses to engage with Chinese partners. Possibilities range from trade and investment to technology transfer and research collaboration. The city’s focus on finance, trade, and services aligns with Latvia’s strengths in these sectors.

Sanya – The Tourist Haven: Sanya’s reputation as a premier tourist destination can lead to fruitful collaborations between Latvian and Chinese companies in the hospitality, entertainment, and cultural sectors. Latvian businesses could contribute their expertise in preserving cultural heritage while enhancing visitor experiences. Currently 80% from foreign tourists come from Russia.

Hainan Free Trade Zone: A Game-Changer

The Hainan Free Trade Zone (Hainan FTZ) is a pioneering initiative that offers unprecedented opportunities for foreign businesses. Designed to facilitate international trade and investment, the FTZ provides incentives such as reduced tariffs, simplified customs procedures, and relaxed regulations. This framework can greatly benefit Latvian companies seeking to enter the Chinese market. It is developing now.

Import and Export: Latvian businesses can leverage the Hainan FTZ’s preferential policies to streamline their import and export operations. Whether it’s exporting Latvian goods to China or importing Chinese products for distribution in Latvia and Europe, the FTZ offers a competitive advantage.

Investment and Joint Ventures: The Hainan FTZ encourages foreign investment and joint ventures in various sectors, including manufacturing, technology, and services. Latvian enterprises can explore partnerships with Chinese counterparts to tap into the vast potential of the Chinese market.

E-Commerce and Digital Trade: With the rise of e-commerce, the Hainan FTZ offers opportunities for Latvian businesses to tap into China’s booming online retail market. Cross-border e-commerce initiatives can enable Latvian products to reach Chinese consumers directly.


Latvia’s enterprising spirit and China’s economic dynamism converge in the promising landscapes of Hainan Province and the Hainan Free Trade Zone. By forging strategic collaborations with Chinese enterprises in Haikou, Sanya, and across the province, Latvian businesses can unlock a world of opportunities, tapping into China’s vast consumer base, technological advancements, and trade facilitation measures. 

Issues as I see is lack of knowledge of English on the part of Chinese business people, lack directs of flights from/to EU, Chinese financial system – the complexity of settlements and cultural difference. But it’s all changable.

As both nations work towards mutual prosperity, the synergies between Latvia and Hainan can lead to a new era of economic growth and innovation.