NBA star James Harden was amazed when his own wine brand sold a whopping 10,000 bottles in just seconds during a livestream event in China. This showcases how powerful livestreaming is in the country, where basketball is super popular.

Harden, who plays for the Philadelphia 76ers, appeared on a livestream hosted by a popular online celebrity named Crazy Brother Yang. Their goal was to promote Harden’s wine brand called J-Harden. The event attracted a huge audience of 15 million viewers, according to a news article by the Global Times.

During the livestream, Yang asked Harden about how many bottles of wine he usually sells in a day at a regular store. Harden answered modestly, saying he sells a few cases. Then, Yang challenged Harden to see how fast they could sell the wine. Harden agreed, sitting back with his arms crossed.

Yang started the countdown and said, “Go!” Surprisingly, in just 14 seconds, he shouted, “Stop!” It turned out that 5,000 orders were placed, with each order having two bottles priced at $60. This lightning-fast sales moment brought in a whopping $300,000 in total, according to the Global Times.

Harden couldn’t believe it and exclaimed, “No way!” He looked at a computer screen to confirm the sales and then burst into laughter and applause.

Livestream shopping is really popular in China these days and has become a huge industry worth billions of dollars. It’s a mix of fun entertainment and shopping. Livestream hosts offer viewers special deals or coupons that they can use right away. People watching can buy things from the livestream and even send virtual “gifts” to their favorite stars.

Livestreamers sell all sorts of stuff, from makeup and skincare products to laundry detergent. Some of the most popular hosts can make millions of dollars each year. This has led many people to quit their regular jobs in hopes of becoming famous online stars.

So, could livestream shopping be the way we all shop online in the future?