SUMEC is a state-owned company foucing on providing services and supports between suppliers from overseas who are trying to expand business widely in China, and Chinese buyers who have requests of imported mechanical and electrical products. SUMEC had a very rapid development over the past 40 years acting as buyers’ service agent. By that, SUMEC accumulated more than 35,000 customers covering most industries. In addition, as a state-owned company, SUMEC has quite strong relationship with local government which brings easier access to government procurements and projects. 
Now SUMEC is working on finding more suppliers who are trying to start/expand their business in China market. SUMEC business model is to represent these foreign manufacturers as their exclusive/non-exclusive distributor.  Industries/products that SUMEC is interested in covered but not limited in: Agriculture, Horticulture, Stock Raising, Forestry, Food Processing, etc. 
Some of SUMEC achievements, they have reached cooperation with the following manufacturers:
-a Singaporean supplier for semi-conductor package and testing equipment;
-a Japanese supplier for medical blister packaging system;
-a Israeli supplier for digital garment and fabric printing equipment;
-a Nordic supplier for optical testing instruments;
-more manufacturers from Germany, Italy, US for different industries/applications.