Background Information 

According to regulations at the Trademark Office of China National Intellectual Property Administration, foreign firms and foreign individuals must register trademarks through certificated agencies.  

Foreign firms are firms registered outside Mainland China, but foreign invested firms registered in China are considered as Chinese firms. 

Certificated agencies are listed in the official website of Trademark Office, and they are law firms, trademark-registration firms and others. Company full name, contact numbers and addresses of those certificated agencies are shown at the website. 

All certificates are in digital version now once trademarks are approved successfully. In addition, it is valid for 10 years and trademark owners can extend for another 10 years in the 10th year. 

Some names, like famous cities’ names, are not allowed to be in trademark for commercial purpose. 

Procedure Of Registration 



  • A Chinese phone number and an address in China are required in the registration application form, in case Trademark Office sends notices. 
  • Certificated agencies will help to check if your trademark has been registered at specific categories, and give suggestions. Agencies can analyze risks of unsuccessful registration with the trademark that you provide, and give advices on editing or change the trademark. 
  • One trademark can be applied at different categories at the same time, but under each categories, there are maximum 10 items are allowed. For example, 29th category, and 2904 dry fruit as one item. 
  • Chinese Translation of company registration certificate is needed for foreign firms and translation of individual’s passport is needed for foreigners. Translation can be made by translation companies in your home country or in China, or by individuals. Translation can be clearly written by hand or edited on PC, and the color of translation words must be BLACK. 
  • No need to translate all information at the registration certificate into Chinese, but company name and company address must be translated into Chinese. 
  • If the official language in your home country is not English, English translation should be provided besides Chinese translation. 
  • An example: one part of translation paper of a Japanese firm

Application Path

  • All translation pages need to be stamped with company stamp, or be signed by legal representative. And then scan those pages and send those photos to agency. 
  • Other 3 files in Chinese language to be stamped or signed:

Trademark Registration Application

Trademark Registration Application Form

Power of Attorney for Trademark Agency

  • It may take 3-6 months to get feedback or results. Agency will follow up those procedures and communicate with Trademark Office. 
  • If there are some issues during registration procedures, agencies can assist you to solve them. 


This is how trademark certificate looks like, when a trademark has been registered successfully. 

Our Partner: Hangzhou ZD Trademark Firm

It was one of the oldest agencies certificated at China Trademark Office. It was established in 1992. It has served more than 100,000 clients, including foreign firms / foreign individuals from USA, Germany and Japan.  

Services: Domestic and international trademark affairs (registration, renewal, modification, and assignment), trademark pledge registration, trademark transaction, copyright registration, customs filing, intellectual property consulting and protection

Further Information 

The website of the Trademark Office of China National Intellectual Property Administration: